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City ville:

City Ville was released today December 2nd and here you’ll find a bunch of tips and tricks for city ville.
  • OK guys so if you’ve ever played sims city you’ll be somewhat familiar with this game, now the first thing you have to do is to build houses for your city, houses make the population of your city go up, all you have to do is to click on your dashboard or menu on the right bottom corner of the screen (Build button) and click on a house, next place it next to the street and you should see a house being built, just click on it twice (one to start building it and the second time to move people )

Sorority Life:

Sorority Life has the hottest fashions and coolest cliques. Play the game all the girls are talking about!

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First off, make sure that as soon as you get money, $1000 or more, put it in the bank so that no one can steal it when they attack you.
Also, ATTACK A LOT! It gets you money AND influence points.
Lastly, right before you are about to sign off Facebook,
Attack people until your confidence goes low enough to where no one can attack you.
That way, it will take you a while to regain enough confidence to be able to be attacked so that you will lose less cash that you earn from your job or something.

Millionaire City:

Have you heard of the new game Millionaire City? It’s a real estate business game from Digital Chocolate and it can be played in Facebook, check petiksmode for more Millionaire City info.

I am posting some tips and cheats if you want to spoil the fun and become a millionaire right on.

Some millionaire city tips for you:

  • You collect maximum income from business establishments (coffee shop, flower shop, pet shop, etc) if there are houses within the shop range.
  • Collect from business establishments only when there are tenants still occupying the property.
  • Maximize your tenants around your businesses, more tenants = more income.
  • Have your friends help in building your houses rather than using “instant build”.
  • Have your gold exchanged with cash if you need extra. I personally like to invest the gold rather than just sitting there with no use. But if you are saving it for something else then that’s your choice.
  • Collect your tenants rent before they abandon your properties. If it you’re not sure when to come back to login to the game choose the longer contract.
  • Avoid bankruptcy, make sure you have commercial buildings (coffee shop, flower shop, pet shop, etc) built for you to have a fixed income every 3 minutes.
  • Visit Ronald or Cindy daily to earn 5,000 bonus.
  • Earn cash and XP by helping/visiting friend cities.
  • Don’t move your buildings while they are occupied because the rent time will restart.

Download :www.filecopter.com/download.php

Mafia Wars:

It’s time for another tips session, and this time, it’s off to the mafia. Mafia Wars seems like a simple game at first glance, but once you get into it, it actually begins to become somewhat complicated with hits, different jobs, adding members, equipping all of them, and so on. What do you buy? What quests do you do? How should you level? These are all questions that are posed by new players, and it can be a bit daunting. Well, we searched high and low for ways to help you out, and hopefully these tips and tricks will help those new players that simply feel overwhelmed.

This should be more than enough to get you started on the right track in Mafia Wars. However, before things get wrapped up, here are some other interesting tips found around the web that should work for both the MySpace and Facebook versions of the game.

  • Avoid the Hitlist as best as possible. While it might be fun at higher levels, drawing attention to yourself at lower levels is just going to get you killed over and over again by high level players. Stay under the radar as long as you can.
  • If you ever attack someone and get the maximum amount of cash ($70,000), bookmark them and attack them as often as possible.
  • When you do start using other stats besides energy, it is best to keep attack and defense equal.
  • (MySpace Version) More Energy – Send an energy pack to a friend along with the message, then go to your MySpace page and click on the link (the image) and you will send one to yourself.
  • (MySpace Version) Beat the Bank 10% – Annoying, but if you deposit $9 at a time you will beat the system.
  • Best Early Cash & Experience Jobs:
    o Level 1 – 4: Auto Theft
    o Level 5 – 8: Bank Heist
    o Level 9 – 12: Museum Break In
    o Level 13 – 17: Wiretap the Cops

Best of luck, and happy gaming.